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Foot_header_1024x72dpiMORE THAN A CAMERA  ::  Custom portraiture is an investment in beautiful artistry that will become your family’s history. My MISSION is to offer clients the best service available, an enjoyable shoot, and lasting memories that will be cherished for generations. When you hire me, you hire more than a camera. As a FULL-SERVICE STUDIO, I work with you to determine the best location, help you select the right attire (online or in person), and any props, if desired.

Post-shoot I assist in selecting the best images for print and provide heirloom quality ARTWORK for your home. When all is said and done, I want you to walk away smiling with art to view, not just a disk in a drawer or files on your computer.

CAN I JUST BUY THE FILES?  ::  You can definitely buy the files, however this is only after a collection has been purchased.

Time and again I have found that clients voice, “Once I had the files I had no idea what to do with them.” Or, “I’ve been meaning to print our images but I’m just too _____.” And so the disk sits in your drawer – the proverbial shoebox. To-do lists mount, money is tight, & sadly you’ve yet to truly see the return on your investment – beautiful portraits.

By purchasing a collection I provide takeaways to be held in your hands, placed on your shelves, and hung on your walls (+ digitally archived). Each day you will SEE the beauty of your loved ones. And, bonus! You’ve got a few less ‘to-dos’ on your list.